Project 300-048 American Airlines Hold Gate

Project location: MCI Terminal C
Contract 07110417
This a Aviation project and requires the following:

  • Current City of Kansas City Business License
  • Copy of current WBE or MBE certificate if applicable
  • Insurance certificate meeting the following specifications
    • list following as additional insured: City of Kansas City Aviation Department and Gardner Construction Co., Inc.
    • Workers' Compensation: Statutory
    • Employer's Liability: $1m each occurrence
    • Commercial Automobile liability insurance: $2m
    • Commercial General liability insurance: $2m combined single limit for each occurrence and $2m general aggregate
  • Abide by the prevailing wage parameters
  • KCMO Revenue Clearance Letter
  • CPR, Payroll certification form & DLFR turned in no later than 2 weeks following the payroll date. CPR Instructions.
  • Subcontract affidavit for final payment
  • 1 year warranty on all work along with submittals of product warranties

Please note all 2nd tier subcontractors are also required to submit all the above paperwork.

This job is also tax exempt. Tax-exempt form & Tax-exempt certificate


Final permit set of plans

Phase Two Plans

  1. General Notes
  2. Architectural
  3. Structural
  4. Mechanical
  5. Plumbing
  6. Fire Protection
  7. Electrical